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Cat Hoodies for Men

We have all heard the saying that dog is man’s best friend but what about cats? Like women,cat hoodies for guys men get attached to their feline companions as well. And these cat hoodies for men are just perfect for guys who aren’t afraid to admit that real men love cats! Many of these cat hoodies come in t-shirt style as well, and of course, some are great for both women and men. Both regular and plus sizes are available. Continue reading

Crazy Cat Lady Hoodies

Are you looking for a crazy cat lady hoodie style sweatshirt for yourself or as a gift? If so thencrazy cat lady hoodie you will find a wide variety of crazy cat lady pullover hoodies in a variety of colors and styles. So whether you are just a few cats short of becoming a crazy cat lady or you crossed that line a long time ago, you are sure to get a kick out of these. Click on any of the hoodies below for color options. These all come in t-shirts as well. Continue reading

Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Hoodies

If you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory then you recognize the Soft Kitty song that Sheldon’ssoft kitty hoody mom would sing to him when he was sick. These Soft Kitty hoodies are sure to be a hit for any Big Bang Theory/cat lover on your gift list. These hoodies come in regular and plus sizes in a variety of colors and are also available as t-shirts.

The Soft Kitty song goes something like this: Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur… happy kitty sleepy kitty purr,¬†purr, purr… Continue reading