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Whether you are crazy about cats or know someone who is, you will find a wide variety of cat hoodies available. From house cats to wild cats, there are several different hoodie styles to choose from. Many of these hoodies come in various color options and most of them are available as t-shirts as well. It is also worth mentioning that although lots of people like to dress up their pets, these are cat hoodies for humans :).

More About Cat Hoodies

Cat Hoodies is an affiliate of Sunfrog Shirts, which operates in a small town in Michigan and offers a wide variety of t-shirts and hoodie style sweatshirts. In fact, most, if not all the hoodies that you find here are also available in the t-shirt option. Just click on any shirt that you like and you will see a choice of mens, ladies, and hoodie. Because most of these are created by independent artists, some are available in several options while others might be more limited in color choices.

T-Shirts andcat hoodie Hoodies are screen-printed to order so you never have to worry about your size being out of stock. And your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Many of the cat hoodie designs are created by independent artists while others are licensed. Many of these designs can not be found in stores.  Sizes run from small to 3x and run pretty true to size for men, and have a looser fit on women so you will want to keep that in mind when ordering. You will also find a handy sizing chart next to every hoodie and t-shirt to help you choose the perfect size.

We know that cat people tend to be very passionate about their fur babies, which makes these cat hoodies very popular. And of course, there are other hoodies available as well in various categories.

You will find so many different cat hoodies that it is hard to choose. You will find some of our personal favorites here, or you can just click the menu at the top if you would like to shop all hoodies and t-shirts. or check out the collection that we put together of some of our favorites.

All Kinds of Cat Hoodies Available

We all love our feline friends, and we didn’t limit your choices to just house cats. You will also find tiger hoodies, lion hoodies and many more. Also be sure to check out the various holiday themed cat hoodies as well.

Holiday Themed Cat Hoodies

You will also find a wide variety of holiday themed cat hoodies as we get closer to specific holidays. Halloween is especially popular for those who just love black cats.

New Designs Added Weekly

With so many independent artists, you will always find plenty of new designs added each week to the Sunfrog site and we will do our best to keep you updated. So be sure to bookmark this site while we continue to update with fresh new cat hoody and t-shirt designs.